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Pubdate:2015-12-30 14:40:35
Technology: the development of technology, continuous innovation
I set up a company in order to achieve leapfrog development of mechanical and electrical integration of R & D team, developed a product development system for the needs of product technology and process technology options to market positioning, technology positioning and price positioning strategy and tactical decision, and to determine the product development task book, making technology development planning, planning. Specific as follows:
The various key parts for computer embroidery machine group, constantly research, continuous improvement, continuous improvement;
Give full play to the advantages of electronic control technology, improve the quality of machine embroidery, shear line quality and other methods to a combination of mechanical and electrical;
The make full use of electronic control technology and development of high speed embroidery machines and sequins embroidery, towel embroidery, dribbling embroidery special embroidery machine, to have approached or reached the function and performance of the imported machine. Changed the state of low technology content and low functional status of domestic special machine;
The development of electronic control technology to take the road of leaping development, using high technology to mature. Using distributed processing technology to achieve the intelligent actuator, the fuzzy control technology to optimize the embroidery frame drive control so as to improve the quality of embroidery. The modular design improves the reliability of the electric control, and makes the production and maintenance more convenient;
The technological development does not walk road of plagiarism imitation, but to take their own independent intellectual property rights and innovation. This is a road of self-improvement of Chinese computer embroidery machine industry.
2.2 quality: the quality, healthy development
What is the quality? Quality is user satisfaction. How can users be satisfied? Users earn money to be satisfied. How can users earn money? Users to use a good quality machine to earn money, the truth is so simple. I aspire to computer embroidery machine, manufacturing high quality quality, not low quality and low price of the road.
In order to make a good quality machine, our company has taken the following measures:
The establishment of a complete, practical and feasible quality assurance system and the formation of the system, which is the premise of quality assurance; grabbed from the design and process of the, which is foundation of quality assurance. Founded the Ministry of development, of computer embroidery machine all parts are analyzed, all of the design, in order to ensure the correctness of the design, and to develop a complete machining process, assembly process and machine assembly technology and parts and machine inspection inspection standards, designed and manufactured a full set of production and testing work, for the high quality of computer embroidery machine manufacturing has laid a solid foundation;
We start from the materials and processing. Selection of quality materials, choose to have advanced processing equipment factory, to ensure the quality of parts, which is the basis of the quality of the whole machine;
The to parts processing factory accredited quality representative, on the part of the production process control, to ensure the on time, the quality of the machined parts;
It's own strength. Part of the processing of the key parts of the key parts of my own processing;
Will continue to research. Improve the quality is endless, the various parts of the machine constantly, repeatedly to study, constantly organize technical forces to carry out special research, so that the quality of the machine continues to improve;
Is training the skills of employees, establish the quality consciousness;
Therefore if there is a conflict between cost and quality cost, the quality of the subject. When the progress and quality of the conflict, the progress of the quality. Quality is always the first.
2.3 services: quality service, look to the future
Today's market, whether what the industry, the importance of service is a well-known, but as manufacturers to provide quality service is not simple things. Our company to provide users with the perfect pre-sale services, the sale of services and after the sale of services. For computer embroidery machine speaking, pre service is based on the needs of users, investment capacity and development direction for the user to provide equipment variety, quantity, investment and even personnel, business and other aspects of consulting, planning and even action to help users improve the ability to make money, the sale of services is to coordinate the implementation of the contract, the service is to help users to make money, is to provide to meet the needs of users, but also to help users reasonable, correct and effective maintenance of the use of equipment.
2.4 brand: to build a brand, based on the world
What is the brand, the brand is the quality and taste, technology and services, trust and creation, the brand represents the extent of user acceptance, represents the grade, but also represents the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. Brand is the most precious asset of enterprise's sustainable development and sustainable management. China's hundreds of computer embroidery machine manufacturers, the vast majority of brands and no brand. Therefore, our country is just a computer embroidery machine production country, not a computer embroidery machine production strong country, is because did not create the international brand computer embroidery machine. To create a brand is not only on the promotion, advertising, quality, technology and services is the foundation. Therefore, to create an international brand has a long way to go, this is the pursuit of aspiring manufacturers. Our company is in one step at a time, down-to-earth to create a brand to accelerate as international famous luxury brand.
3 development prospects
The Chinese computer embroidery machine industry is now in the crowded four "spring and Autumn", some manufacturers have to see the trend of development and has been put into action, I believe in the near future, inferior products will disappear and the low competitiveness of the manufacturers will exit. China's computer embroidery machine industry will soon enter a number of brands, a total of