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How to the computer embroidery line
Pubdate:2015-12-30 14:41:59
Different computer embroidery machine embroidery thread, texture is different. We must first understand the adaptability of fabrics and embroidery thread according to the different requirements of customers. Avoid collocation's case. The following common embroidery lines under the analysis of their respective characteristics.
Polyester embroidery thread
Terylene yarn properties can be withstand chemicals and frequent washing, clothing to reduce bleaching and decoloring phenomenon, so hotel uniform, stone blue denim clothing, sports service or children's clothing is made of silk and polyester. In order to maximize the washing to prevent fading phenomenon.
In contrast, polyester filaments are more resilient than man-made filaments. When the embroidery, machine runs at a high speed, high tenacity polyester thread can also bear large pulling force; so it is always used to do three-dimensional embroidery, embroidery embroidered with hard hats, shoes, and handbags and other texture material and the fire is very high, even when the laundry is close to the flame. It is not easy to touch the fire.
Polyester filament yarn quality is not stable, but more flexible. You can cut off a rayon thread to do the test, tugs, and relax, you find embroidery thread not shrink; on the contrary, the pulling of polyester filament, once the relaxation will revert to its original length, and I had the opportunity to lead to spend fold, so online tension adjustment is, the need for more accurate.
Similar properties of rayon and polyester thread, the former has the advantage of more color choices. In addition, as mentioned above, the stability of artificial silk is also higher than polyester filament, even though the machine frame moving pull, it will not significantly shrink, but it is easy to touch the fire, it should not be washed frequently.
metal wire
The metal wire is characterized in that the outer layer is covered with a layer of metal film, and the inner layer is made of artificial silk or polyester filament. Due to line the surface gloss, the designer can make sparkling embroidery effect; but, at the same time, also for the embroidery bring negative effect. Because in embroidery, needle embroidery, embroidery thread and cloth often friction, generate heat, at this time, embroidery thread plumelet will play a role, will heat the embroidery needle away, and the surface of the metal wire is not with plumelet, embroidery needle thermal still exists, that thin metal films are thermal dissolution, even cause disconnection.
Wool line
Wool line than the general embroidery thread for the gross, is different from a different kind of embroidery line. The most common application in embroidered towels, embroidered rope and chain stitch, match in knitted cloth is particularly beautiful, especially girls knitted garment, soft embroidered effect, arts and crafts, more beauty. Because of its thick texture, the need to use a thick needle, 100 or 110 of the needle is appropriate, but to consider whether it can fit the fabric. In addition, the line tension should also be relatively loose regulation, for embroidery thread enough space walk.
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