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Daily maintenance of electric control system
Pubdate:2015-12-30 14:42:43
First, security matters:
(1) to be installed or operated by trained personnel.
(2) ensure a safe ground and in accordance with the voltage range of said product nameplate and technical requirements.
(3) when the power is switched on, please leave your foot off the pedal.
(4) the following operation, we must first disconnect the power supply system: install the machine; in the control box plug any connecting plug; threading the needle, needle replacement and raise the nose; machine with no rest and repair or adjustment when.
Two, installation notes:
(1) when the controller is installed properly, it will cause the controller to be unable to work properly.
(2) to read the product manual carefully before installing and debugging.
(3) tighten all fasteners in order to prevent the abnormal phenomenon such as vibration or stop pin position when sewing operation.
Three, use and maintenance:
(1) before switching on the power switch, please leave the foot pedal.
(2) each time the control system is closed again, should be separated by more than 30 seconds.
(3) as far as possible away from the high magnetic field or high radiation, etc., so as to avoid interference and the occurrence of false action.
(4) to avoid operation at 40 degrees Celsius or less than 0 degrees celsius.
(5) do not operate in the heating (electric heater).
(6) do not operate in a place of relative humidity of 30% or more or less than 95% or more.
(7) do not operate in dusty or corrosive substances.
(8) do not operate in a place where there is a volatile gas.
(9) near the vent control box can not be stacked debris, so as not to obstruct the air circulation.
(10) regular cleaning dust, chassis attached scraps of paper, cloth and other objects, so as to avoid motor overheating.
Four, maintenance and replacement:
(1) maintenance and replacement parts shall be operated by a trained person.
(2) all parts and components used in the maintenance shall be supplied or approved by the original factory to be used.
(3) it is necessary to open the electric control box, be sure to cut off the power supply, to be 5 minutes later, and then open the control box, do not wet hand operation.
(4) choose the right tools, according to the instructions of the instructions for the replacement parts, the operation of the machine after the stability of the machine.
(5) after the completion of the work, to confirm whether the solder and other parts have no proper contact, the circuit board insulation material to restore the status quo; wiring terminals and plug is poor contact, screw nut is loose; terminal and cable is damaged, off and loose.
(6) when the test run, pay attention to the hair, clothing may not touch the belt pulley and the belt.
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