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Super multi


The various Embroidery Machines of “JINYU” brand widely used in the Toy,childrens wear,Sweater,Underclothes,Bedding, curtain, handbag, wedding Dress, Shoes/Hat ,towel,  Top Grade Art ware etc.and with excellent performance.

Main Function:
●The machine has multi-heads and multi-needles, can embroider several chain stitch flat designs at the same time and have the auto trimmer function.
●5inch,8inch,10inch touch monitor computer selectable. Modern Design of operating panel, USB input port ,Color LCD display showing real time stitching ,Pre-sew design trace capable Emergency stop
●Color-Change Mode: Step Color-change , Automatic Color Change. Auto color change according the design when in embroider.
●Thread Trimming system: Automatic Thread Trimmer, Solenoid thread holding, step motor thread trimming and catching.
●Needle Position Detecting : Rheostat . The machine has multi-heads and needles, can embroider several colors stitch flat designs at the same time, with auto trimmer function.
●Thread Break Detecting : Thread break detection ,Thread take-up spring or chopping wheel . Machine will auto stop and show the thread breakage head position if the thread break or the upper and udder thread used up when in the embroider.
●Memory: 2 Million , Design Number :200. After the design file input computer can keep forever, the memory storage up to 2,000,000 stitches and store 200 samples.
●Language: Chinese, English, Turkish, French, Spanish, Portuguese
●Data Transfer Floppy Disk: Pattern input/output support USB updating.
●Network Function: Support multi-machine network, data transfer, state monitoring, operating though network.
● Electricity: 220V/50Hz ,380V/50HZ available

Main configuration:
1.Dahao electric system, 322 5 inch monitor (without trimmer)/328 ( with trimmer),And you can choose top grade computer like C18/C88/366 Computer.
2.Main motor :Dahao servo , Panasonic Servo ,Fuji Servo ,Sanyo Servo available.
3.X/Y Driver: All servo or Stepping Motor available.
4.Origian Japanese Rotary Hook
5.New style Liner driver
6.Automatic trimmer device( Adapting)
7.Needles: 3/4 Needles ,Heads: 56 -84 Heads, Embroidery Space: X /150-1100mm,Y/300-1200mm.

Accessories Included :
●Table Support and Washer of machine foot
●Exploded View of Machine
●Operation Manual
●Tool Kit.
●Automatic Bobbin Winding Machine
●Air Compressor (If Need)

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